RigMinder - Optimization

Drilling Optimization from Planning to Completion

RigMinder’s data-driven drilling solutions include comprehensive drilling and well engineering software, advanced analytical capabilities and expertise to deliver optimization in well planning, engineering, construction and completion. RigMinder technologies and services optimize drilling rigs and crews to deliver better producing wells, more consistently and cost effectively, with the rig contractor retaining more of the value added services revenues and profits.

For our customers, we focus on continuous improvements and optimization that we achieve through:

  • Understanding set limits which we address or eliminate to deliver improved performance
  • Reducing or eliminating human error due to factors such as inattention, fatigue, errors in judgement, etc.
  • Technology platform, software and engineering services that drive drilling optimization
Optimization Comparison Chart
Drilling Optimization Comparison Graph

Rig and Directional Drilling Automation and Optimized Well Production Solutions

Rigminder has a comprehensive drilling automation and optimization capability using the EDR system to ensure accurate quality data that drive our advanced software systems and optimization personnel to deliver superior performance, risk mitigation and optimal well production.