Criterion - Wellbore Guidance

Well Steering Directives to Stay within the Wellbore Plan

RigMinder’s Criterion™ Wellbore Guidance System enables the rig to deliver Directional Drilling and MWD operations using both mud motors and rotary steerable tools to drill a well. Unique wellbore placement and frac optimization technology ensures the wells are optimally placed for production.

RigMinder Criterion™ directional bit guidance software provides improved, repeatable directional drilling accuracy through continuous monitoring of the downhole tool face placement--guidance that results in a smooth wellbore that stays within the customer’s well plan. The Criterion Wellbore Guidance System provides full transparency and visibility. A single operator can monitor multiple wells reliably and accurately, directional drilling can be monitored remotely by anyone, horizontal drillers get accurate, repeatable results.

Criterion Wellbore Guidance technology ensures:

  • Repeatable results consistently
  • Lower risk in delivering wells
  • Reduced man power offshore
  • Transparency in service delivered
  • Ultimately drilling safer, higher quality, more consistent and lower cost wells

The Criterion Wellbore Guidance system provides:

  • Automated steering directives
  • Advanced motor yield filtering algorithms
  • Automatic generation of reports and analytics on directional performance
  • Effective toolface is automatically calculated and displayed while sliding allowing the driller to adjust his slide as it progresses
  • Full integration with Well Seeker well planning package
  • Future integration with downlink skid units that will allow automatic control of all RSS tools currently on the market
  • Compatibility with RigMinder rig automation allowing control of the TDS and drawworks for automated sliding
Criterion Wellbore Guidance Wellbore Computer Monitoring

Rig and Directional Drilling Automation and Optimized Well Production Solutions

Rigminder has a comprehensive drilling automation and optimization capability using the EDR system to ensure accurate quality data that drive our advanced software systems and optimization personnel to deliver superior performance, risk mitigation and optimal well production.