Survey Management

Real-Time Drilling Survey Correction and Management

Drilling surveys are instrumental to accurate well construction, however rigorous quality control measures must be used to verify drilling survey data to be used for future operations. With high-quality drilling survey correction and management, directional drillers are better able to plan and execute their projects safely and efficiently.

RigMinder engineers will assist you with survey program development in order to better manage survey errors and correction within field development requirements.

RigMinder survey management includes:

  • Verifying survey data and accuracy to position wells for anti-collision
  • Real-time standard survey QA/QC and correction (sag, short collar)
  • Survey Correction (MSA / SCC / SAG) and QC raw MWD surveys for G total, B total and run MSA / SCC with user definable limits
  • Geodetic modeling of magnetic field strength, dip angle and declinations
  • Real-time survey correction for magnetic interference, bias and bias shifts, single axis malfunction, including Multi-Station Analysis
  • Survey correction from IFR and IIFR inputs
  • Multi-instrument error reduction
Survey Management Graph

Rig and Directional Drilling Automation and Optimized Well Production Solutions

Rigminder has a comprehensive drilling automation and optimization capability using the EDR system to ensure accurate quality data that drive our advanced software systems and optimization personnel to deliver superior performance, risk mitigation and optimal well production.