Criterion - Automation

Directional / Horizontal Drilling Advisor / Automation

Integration of our technologies with our advanced automation system enables complete closed-loop drilling, elimination of human error due to incorrect data entry or operational controls.

RigMinder Criterion™ is a highly advanced directional / horizontal drilling guidance system that helps automate the directional drilling process, providing consistently repeatable results, minimizing risk, and lowering well construction costs. It provides automatic toolface and survey data collection, slide sheet generation and automatic calculation and display of steering parameters, even remotely.

For operators and directional services companies, the manual process of making bit projections and calculating slides is now removed, providing key benefits that include:

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Increases ROP
Reduces steering for more rotary drilling, reduces decision times due to instant bit projection, performs steering and anti-collision calculations, reduces weight to weight times - back on bottom sooner.

Smoother Wellbore
Reduces sliding percentage resulting in easier casing running, reductions in back reaming, easier tripping.

Risk Mitigation
Reduces chances of plug back and side-track, stays closer to the line, reduces anti-collision issues.

Lowers Well Construction Costs
By increasing ROP, reducing tripping times and faster decision-making, Criterion technology and services lower overall well construction costs.

Ensures Consistency and Repeatability
Ensures the same repeatable results regardless of rig site personnel.

Criterion Backed by RigMinder Services
With Criterion, operators and directional service providers will consistently drill higher quality wells, faster and cheaper than ever before. The automation that Criterion provides is backed by RigMinder engineering services including:

  • In-house directional drilling expertise and engineering teams
  • Drilling optimization specialists to fine-tune the system
  • Firsthand directional drilling expertise in the North Sea, US Shale plays, Europe, CIS, Africa, Onshore, Offshore and Deep Water
  • 24/7 support from Real-Time Operational Centers (RTOC) in Houston, Villahermosa and Aberdeen

How Criterion Integrates with EDR
Criterion is a standalone, rig-based system with real-time data connection to rig EDR for automatic toolface and survey data collection, slide sheet generation and automatic calculation, display of steering parameters and links to rig automation systems to automatically perform slide drilling operations, or send downlinks to rotary steerable systems on compatible drilling rigs.

Criterion Automation

Rig and Directional Drilling Automation and Optimized Well Production Solutions

Rigminder has a comprehensive drilling automation and optimization capability using the EDR system to ensure accurate quality data that drive our advanced software systems and optimization personnel to deliver superior performance, risk mitigation and optimal well production.