Rigminder Drilling Services - Standalone or Combined with Rig

RigMinder provides comprehensive drilling services as a standalone option for our customers or as an integrated rig technology and services solution. RigMinder drilling engineers and technicians are trained experts in every aspect of well construction and completion -- including geological, geophysical and production engineering experts as well as software engineers, data and related technologists who work with our customers to automate, integrate and optimize every aspect of well construction.

RigMinder Services include:

  • Wellbore guidance and engineering services via Criterion™
  • Well planning, engineering, survey management and geomechanical services
  • Rig Automation and process enhancement
  • Directional drilling and MWD services including mud motors, MWD tools and drilling tools
  • GMXSteering™ for wellbore placement and completion optimization
  • Performance feedback, reporting and optimization
  • Accurate data acquisition, monitoring and management services

Rig and Directional Drilling Automation and Optimized Well Production Solutions

Rigminder has a comprehensive drilling automation and optimization capability using the EDR system to ensure accurate quality data that drive our advanced software systems and optimization personnel to deliver superior performance, risk mitigation and optimal well production.