Who's minding the rig?

Trinidad's acquisition of RigMinder answers that question.

Trinidad’s recent acquisition of RigMinder provides a significant array of drilling technologies aimed at equipping our rigs and empowering our personnel to provide a fully integrated horizontal drilling solution that improves drilling efficiency, reduces nonproductive time and optimizes our operations.

RigMinder’s flagship product monitors a broad range of drilling parameters and distributes the information in near real time, allowing drilling personnel to make better, faster decisions.

“RigMinder collects, analyzes and distributes data in an easy-to-understand format,” said Greg Ward, President of RigMinder. “We can analyze data and do well to well, rig to rig, even crew to crew comparisons.”

Criterion a plus.

RigMinder’s Criterion directional drilling guidance and monitoring system gives Trinidad crews the ability to perform the drilling and placement of the horizontal wellbore without directional drillers on location. Crew members receive conventional measurement while drilling (MWD) data on the rig floor display in conjunction with the EDR data. The Criterion program constantly monitors tool face position and advises the driller as to its optimal position in order to keep the well bore on plan.

RigMinder Rig Operators

Criterion is also designed to downlink and advise rotary steerable systems and will allow well bores to be drilled auto-pilot.

“We invented this technology when oil companies were paying incredibly high day rates for directional drillers,” said Ward. “We thought there has got to be a better way to do this.”

That better way is to have the drilling contractor perform this service with the driller essentially doing the work of the directional driller. RigMinder’s Real Time Operations Center monitors the well 24/7 and is in constant contact with the driller.

“Drillers are more than capable of learning this technology and are generally the best at directional driliing, once trained,” said Ward. “It’s a game changer in terms of drilling economics and repeatable results for oil companies.”

RigMinder Operations Manager

EDR Technology adds even more.

RigMinder’s Electronic Data Recorder (EDR) technology will also be added to the Trinidad fleet as the backbone for the delivery of all other technologies. With it, Trinidad crew members will be able to monitor the functionality of operations and capture real time data remotely to optimize the drilling process.

The addition of RigMinder is a big step in rig automation for the Trinidad fleet. It will make Trinidad rigs some of the most advanced in the industry once the technologyhas been fully integrated. It is also the right move for RigMinder.

“We needed a platform with a quality drilling contractor who could deploy our technology on their rigs,” said Ward. “That is the only way to make our technology commercial. Trinidad has excellent rigs and outstanding people and a very progressive attitude toward drilling technology.”

Adding RigMinder technology to Trinidad rigs is the next step in making the drilling process fully automated.

“We are moving toward the day very soon when we can drill wells remotely,” said Ward. “That will be the ultimate in drilling efficiency, economics and safety. The rig of the future is Trinidad’s future.”

RigMinder Real Time Operations

Rig and Directional Drilling Automation and Optimized Well Production Solutions

Rigminder has a comprehensive drilling automation and optimization capability using the EDR system to ensure accurate quality data that drive our advanced software systems and optimization personnel to deliver superior performance, risk mitigation and optimal well production.