EDR Software

Electronic Drilling Recording System

The RigMinder EDR User Interface is designed to be easy to navigate and is built from the ground up to work seamlessly with a touch screen interface. The entire system, both software and hardware, is modular in nature. The system can be customized to your needs and can Monitor and Log everything on-site and in near real-time. We feature an integrated IADC and CAODC Tour Sheet format, that link to our customer’s payroll and CMR reports.

Integrated IADC Reports

An integrated IADC Report. This digital report is filled out during the tour and can be viewed, printed, and emailed from the RFD or any Workstation. It can be digitally signed by employees or by utilizing the fingerprint reader.

Biometric Authentication

Our Reports and Payroll modules feature fingerprint authentication as well as creating and signing with a digital signature. Once these reports are signed, they are locked to prevent unauthorized tampering.

These reports can only be unlocked by the person who signed off on the documents if any changes are going to be made.

Integrated Payroll

Payroll integration with the EDR allows for quick processing of the payroll and easy viewing by management. Management access and authorization is permission based via password and/or fingerprint reader.

Inventory Management

Drill String Inventory Management makes it easy to track what is in use and what is available on location. It can also provide shipping tickets for expediting or receiving inventory.

Contractor Morning Reports

The CMR report auto populates data from the IADC report. This reduces the workload on rig site managers and enables the report to be completed in minutes.

Tanks Screen

A PPT screen enables viewing of all tank levels, provides gains/losses alarms and the flexibility to choose what tanks are part of the active drilling fluid system.

User Guides

Multi-part User Guides

We have User Guides for each piece of our system. These guides feature detailed descriptions, images, and charts to describe each piece of our EDR in detail and how each piece works with other parts of the system.